Converting JPG File into DXF

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JPG is a raster format which is used to store images formed by cameras or any other image capturing device. It is used to transfer these images via internet. JPG is an abbreviation for Joint Photographic Group. DXF is a file extension for graphic image format typically used with AutoCAD. DXF is an abbreviation for Drawing Exchange Format. Depending on the software creating the DXF file, it can either be in an ASCII or a binary format.

You can find software available in market to carry out, JPG to DXF Conversion automatically. It gets your conversion done automatically without making you seek any professional’s help. It can create center lines and outlines and can outline solid raster areas. It can make corrections automatically like restoring of intersections, aligning and joining fragments, joining fragments to line, circle, arc and poly line. It straightens images to a reference line automatically as well as removes speckles of color to make them more uniform.

Other facilities provided by the software carrying out JPG to DXF Conversion includes tracing of raster lines, arcs, circles, poly lines, arrow lines, hatches on monochrome, dash lines, grayscale or color images. It can carry out colored, gray and black-and-white image vectorization. The software can adjust tolerance level, it can conduct batch processing as well as it also supports drag and drop facility.  It can scale drawings in the X and Y direction in order to make them smaller or larger, and it has the capability to increase or decrease the brightness and contrast of the image. It removes low sized vector objects and makes correction in recognized texts. 

All these facilities provided by the software even cannot assure the user to get expected output. It might contain mess of lines and dots instead of lines, circles, arcs and text etc. Therefore, getting the conversion manually is the better option in the condition when user does not want to compromise with the quality of the image or drawing. You can find many companies offering Format Conversion Services. They conduct the conversion manually means the whole drawing is drawn by the professionals. The other benefit you can avail by getting the conversion done manually is the number of layers that you can get created. You can get the number of layers created as per your requirement. In brief, format conversion helps you to make your image or drawing more useful by getting it into desired format.

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Converting JPG File into DXF

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Converting JPG File into DXF

This article was published on 2013/12/03